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6 Influencer Marketing Mistakes To Avoid
Written By:  Admin
Date:  February 03, 2020
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Are you joining the influencer marketing bandwagon or have you dipped your toe but didn’t get much in return? If yes, then you are on the right page as we have jotted down some of the common influencer marketing mistakes that most businesses make.

Just like any other part of marketing, influencer marketing too requires having a plan and strategy. If you don’t have a strategy in place, then you may end up approaching influencers who aren’t right for your brand and end up wasting your time and resources. Let’s dig deeper –

Going for just celebrity endorsements rather than authentic influencers:


Going for just celebrity endorsements rather than authentic influencers: Instead of getting celebrity endorsements, research influencers who already love your brand. The enthusiasm of those who already use your brand product will sound genuine rather than like a paid promotion. Focus on micro influencers who will promote your brand in exchange for product compensation.

Confusing the number of followers with audience engagement:


Before you reach to social media influencers, carefully select the ones whose approach truly resonates with your audience. Don’t go for an influencer just because of their follower count. More followers don’t mean better audience engagement. The success of your campaign depends upon choosing the ideal person for the job. Don’t let the number of followers overshadow the power of engagement.

Sticking to one media platform:


As influencer marketing is relatively new, it is necessary for brands to be active on different social media platforms. This will allow your business to constantly reach new and different groups of people. What may work for one channel may not work for the other. Be flexible to adapt to new content formats and switch platforms.

Not defining a goal for your campaign:


To win any battle you need a plan. You need an influencer marketing campaign because your business needs it not because everyone is doing it. Be clear about the expectations that you have from the campaign. Do you want to create brand awareness, generate leads for sales or encourage customer loyalty? Have measurable and realistic goals. Also, have relevant metrics to track whether the campaign is going in the right direction.

Neglecting long-term relationship:


Neglecting long-term relationship: When approaching social media influencers, don’t treat it like a one-time deal. Collaborating with someone who truly understands the brand and the values of the company can have a long-lasting impact. Make sure your influencers have clarity about your goals and audience. Partner with them to generate great content instead of wasting time on explaining details to new influencers every time. Working with a handful of influencers will help you streamline workflow and make long-term strategies. However, to arrive at this point it is important that you choose the right influencers.

Get influencers involved but don’t micromanage:


Once you partner with an influencer, chalk out a content plan for the campaign. Have a mini calendar where you are aware when can you expect posts about your brand. Though it’s good to outline your expectations and make your company’s content guidelines clear, a bid to micromanage an influencer can put your campaign in jeopardy. Respect the influencer and his/her creative process because that’s the reason why you engaged with them in the first place. Give them time to weave a great story around your product, rather than posting generic content.

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