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6 Popular Social Media Campaigns by Brands in Dubai
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Date:  February 03, 2020
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Dubai is home to some of the world’s famous bloggers, influencers and social media celebrities. It is not surprising that international and regional brands in Dubai are doing their bit to seek their share of the social media pie. Instagram is one of the most important marketing tools for regional as well as international brands. Brands are competing with each other with high-quality content that engages and excites the audience. Here we discuss some of the campaigns that took social media marketing to the next level:

Emaar Properties


A real estate development company thathas made some iconic projects like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina & Downtown Dubai is acing the influencer marketing domain. Its social media campaign has active micro-influencers which include entrepreneurs, lifestyle bloggers, and photographers. They tell Emaar’s stories in a compelling way. Last year, to promote Burj Khalifa, Emaar released a mini-series of social media videos that had micro-influencers narrating their personal connection with Burj Khalifa.

Emirates Airline


Emirates has been ranked no.1 for consumer brand sentiment in the UAE for the third time in a row in the latest Best Brand Rankings. The rankings were released by YouGov BrandIndex, an Internet-based market research and data analytics firm. The brand has a high engagement rate on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Emirates gives a human touch to the brand on social media. It shared a video of a customer surprising a cabin crew member with a memorable birthday celebration. Recently, the passengers and crew members helped a man propose to his girlfriend. The elaborate proposal was captured on multiple cameras and posted on Emirates’ social-media channels. (https://youtu.be/31D8FZmig6k)



EThe video sharing website made a splash in Dubai in 2016 when Dubai One TV launched their first ‘Dubai on demand’ channel on YouTube. The Dubai-based channel is one of the first to tap the English-language programming sector. The video sharing website during Ramadan announced the first award for commercials produced in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Laguna Waterpark


To celebrate its opening week, Laguna Waterpark launched a multi-channel social media campaign. It launched a massive scavenger hunt across Dubai and Snapchat geo-filters were placed in different locations. On completing the hunt, one could get a chance to win free tickets to the waterpark. After completing the hunt, one had to share the image on Instagram with the hashtag #LagunaTime. Now, that’s an outstanding use of two social media platforms — Snapchat and Instagram — that are immensely popular in this part of the world.



In 2016, Almarai, a prominent dairy product player, stirred a storm by releasing an ad film on breastfeeding. After the launch of the film, Almarai’s Facebook page gained over 39,000 new fans a day and the film became the second most shared video in the world. The award-winning ad film had the tagline — The best milk for your baby cannot be purchased. The online film (https://youtu.be/FI7scrWlGDU) explores all the emotions of a mother who wants nothing but the best for her child and touches upon a sensitive topic that is often not discussed in public but is of utmost importance to a child’s well-being.



Dealing with prejudice and Islamophobia, Coca-Cola’s 2018 Ramadan ad shows a young woman wearing hijab being mocked by passersby. However, when another young woman sees this, she buys her a Coke. The two are seen waiting for the sun to set as the Muslim girl is observing fast and together they share a drink. The ad film struck an emotional chord with viewers and garnered 223,000 organic views. On YouTube, it got up to 2.5 million views. Emotional storytelling with a positive message is a great way to create a positive image of a brand. (https://youtu.be/mqw-ODqbGRo)

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