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6 Ways Brands are Using Social Media
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Date:  February 03, 2020
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Telling a successful brand story is a key component in the social media marketing. Facebook posts, Instagram pictures, and YouTube videos help the audience connect better with the brand. It gives the brand a personality. Some are using it for promotional purposes while some are using social media platforms to send out strong messages. If you want to tell a story in today’s ever-crowded digital landscape but here are six brands that are using social media for different purposes:

1. Emirates Airline:


Emirates Airline is one of the most visible brands on social media. The airline is using social media not just for marketing and communication but also for crisis management. Besides, Facebook and Twitter, the airline has also ventured into other social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. From high-profile brand ambassador like Jennifer Aniston to viral videos showing people flying jetpacks next to an Emirates flight, the Emirates Airline was the first airline to reach one million Instagram followers. The company’s official social media accounts are not just about running competitions where users can win flight tickets and prizes, they also feature fashionable cabin crew members and wearing their signature red hats.

2. The Dubai Mall:


It is no surprise that the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall based on total area, has an active presence across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram among other social media platforms. In the run-up to the release of Deadpool 2 across UAE, the famous waterfall in Dubai Mall featured a pearl diver in the red and black costume of the Marvel superhero Deadpool, making the spot the ultimate selfie point for Deadpool franchise fans.

3. Atlantis Dubai:


To mark the milestone of reaching its one-millionth fan on Facebook, Atlantis, The Palm, launched the world’s first social media suite. The suite has a special ‘like’ chair, a ‘poke’ system to call the staff, and Facebook log-in access key. It’s no surprise that this suite is open to social media followers of the hotel. Now that’s the power of storytelling on social media.

4. Etihad Airways:


Etihad Airways is one of the industry’s quickest airlines to respond to customer queries on social media and that too in multiple languages. It is also the first airline to provide customer care through WhatsApp. Besides launching a virtual reality film featuring Hollywood actor Nicole Kidman promoting the brand, the airline also interacts with unconventional influencers. In a video released by Etihad Airways, popular UAE influencer Khalid al Ameri and Sophina, the world’s most advanced artificially intelligent robot are seen exploring various iconic landmarks of Abu Dhabi. (https://youtu.be/hucOuDZM4zA)

5. Ikea:


To launch a campaign on anti-bullying, Ikea in partnership with Dubai’s Gems Wellington Academy placed two plants in the school and documented the growth of the plant. One plant was praised while the other was rebuked by the students. Though it was more of a social experiment than a scientific one, after 30 days it was observed that the plant that was appreciated was thriving whereas the one was droopy. (https://youtu.be/Yx6UgfQreYY)

6. DU:


UAE telco DU launched a hard-hitting video campaign, urging the users to think twice before uploading images of accidents and terrible incidents on social media. DU’s campaign used real-life incidents to address bullying and accidents. The campaign simply asks the question, ‘If it were your pain, would you share it?

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