How Retailers Across the World are Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing? image
How Retailers Across the World are Leveraging the Power of Digital Marketing?
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Date:  February 03, 2020
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Targeted campaigns, digital marketing campaigns facilitate interaction between businesses and consumers and help retailers get more word of mouth. Digital marketing methods, unlike traditional ones, are versatile and the results can be easily tracked. Here are some retailers who have successfully leveraged the power of digital marketing:

1. Wayfair:


Wayfair is one of the finest examples to understand the power of digital marketing. It was in 2016, that the Wayfair, an online store for home goods, integrated shopping features on its Instagram page. Wayfair’s efforts paid off as today the number of shoppers clicking from social networks more than tripled. Though Wayfair is also on Facebook and Twitter, it’s on Instagram that the brand has seen high levels of engagement. Wayfair by asking the audience to give photo captions and asking to share their own photos of Wayfair products it has boosted its brand visibility. (

2. Volkswagen Dubai:


In 2016 Volkswagen in order to widen its footprint in Dubai announced a three-day promotional offer. Relying only on digital promotion, Volkswagen, which has been partners with Al Nabooda Automobiles promoted a scheme offering special discounts through video and link ads on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign yielded favourable metrics and what seemed like a gamble to Volkswagen then is now a routine.

3. KFC, UAE:


To mark UAE’s 47th National Day, KFC launched a special augmented reality enabled buckets. When you will scan the code using your smartphone, a virtual story would play through the smartphone and the bucket would act as a canvas.

4. McDonald’s:


What McDonald’s did during 2015 Super Bowl still baffles many. While different brands were tweeting about the contests, promotions and free gifts. McDonald’s tweeted about other brands’ spots and the messages garnered thousands of retweets.

5. IKEA:


In a really bold move, IKEA released a 25-minute video that showed woman running hands over a fitted sheet. In the ad, the woman whose face is not shown is seen touching various products like a duvet cover, hangers, and a lamp. It may sound a bit odd to you but only if you haven’t heard about ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is a tingling feeling some people experience from hearing certain sounds of moving hands over a bed sheet or spraying a water bottle. People often watch ASMR videos to relax, destress and sleep better. (

6. Missguided:


The fashion brand, which has more than 3.5 Instagram followers, has a myriad of content, including tutorials, product promos, user-generated content, lifestyle posts, and meme-like content to keep its consumers engaged. That Missguided is keeping its ears on the social media ground is evident in the fact that it added “jeans and a nice top” as a category after a user tweeted about it. Now, that’s a lesson in social media marketing.

7. ASOS:


ASOS, a British online fashion retailer, facilitate customer engagement with user-generated content. Its followers can use #AsSeenOnMe hashtag to show off their latest purchase from ASOS. If selected, they will get the opportunity to get featured on the ASOS Instagram feed.

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