Influencer Marketing: What Digital Marketers Should Know in 2019? Written By:  Admin image
Influencer Marketing: What Digital Marketers Should Know in 2019? Written By: Admin
Written By:  Admin
Date:  February 03, 2020
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The digital world is changing and so are online marketing trends. With several new digital marketing trends, 2019 may see a different online marketing scene. In this ever-changing landscape, whether you are a digital marketing expert or a business owner who wants to leverage digital to get ahead, you need to be in step with the evolving marketing trends. And one such trend is influencer marketing. Over here we discuss some key facts related to influencer marketing:

The rise of the nano influencer:


While brands will partner with celebrity influencers and middle influencers, it is the nano influencers, who have anything from a hundred to ten thousand followers, that is likely to emerge as the victors. While celebrity influencers and middle influencers have the number of followers on their side, the nano influencers have the engagement rates on their side. Nano-influencers are likely to engage more audience than celebrities. Brands will opt for influencers who gave a community of loyal fans, no matter how small it’s in number. This also means brands relying on influencer marketing have to come up strong ROI metrics to justify their spend. According to a Digiday survey, nano-influencers are often able to engage up to 8.7% of their audience whereas the engagement percentage is only 1.7 for celebrities who have more than a million followers. (

Disclosure of sponsored content:


The demand for authentic content is rising as people connect with influencers because they want honest insights. Plus, brands also want to associate with influencers who believe in their product and have more than commercial interest in promoting the brands. Eventually, this demand for authenticity will lead to the proper disclosure of sponsored content and professionalization of the influencer marketing industry. Moreover, this will also allow the trusted influencers and brands to have a strategic relationship rather than a transactional one.

Influencer podcast to be the next big thing:


The popularity of podcasts has increased considerably over the years. Podcast, which is more like an on-demand radio show, presents a host of new opportunities for brands, advertisers and influencers. It’s kind of a very personal experience when influencers share their profound thoughts and opinions in their own voice and brands don’t want to miss out on building that personal connection.

Fight against fake followers to get strong:


One of the biggest challenges that the brands are facing these days is influencers with fake followers. Several brands have vowed to stop collaborating with influencers who artificially increase their followers or engagement rates. We are expecting the fight to gain more momentum as social channels are actively getting involved in killing accounts using fake followers. Recently, Instagram announced that it will crack down on users who use third-party apps to boost their popularity, generate inauthentic likes, follows, and comments.

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