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Learn To BOLT Your Brand
Written By:  Admin
Date:  February 03, 2020
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Build Operate Learn Transfer (BOLT®) is how you can build your marketing profile and we transfer all that to you while educating you along the way so that you can manage on your own after that.


Social Media has truly democratized advertising. FB + Google contribution to overall advertising went from 9% in 2012 to 25% in 2017. Many of the tools available for larger organizations are also available for SME’s. Small business owners have the power to switch on advertising at their fingertips. That’s the theory part. Many confuse this overload of information for true knowledge.

The tough part is the constant evolution and dynamic changes digital world does. You may have a marketing person in the team or even an intern. You do social media yourself with whatever knowledge you pick up on internet or asking some friends around. But is that enough? I speak to so many SME’s and am constantly surprised at how much they have money they have wasted with trial and error.

That’s where we bring in BOLT®.


Build –


We map all touch points of your customer first as that’s step one. One will be surprised that the answer isn’t always Facebook. We profile your typical customer. We don’t want you shooting in the dark. We also look at how does the brand look across different assets. Is it consistent? We also look at all your marketing assets and then build it assuring brand consistency, best content and using the right channels.

Operate –


Once we build it, we make sure that your customers engage with the best content. Engagement is the key here at this stage. We have seen potential clients put lot of copy on an Instagram post and then worry that there aren’t enough people engaging with the posts. We simplify it, target it properly leading to optimization of all channels.

Learn –


Many agencies do the above two. But they hoard knowledge to keep the account. We mention this stage as “Learn” and not “Teach” as it’s not about what we want to say. It’s about what skills equips you and your team to perform better. The benchmark of success of this stage is how much you absorbed to be confident to execute plans yourself. We mix theory and on the job.

Transfer –


Once you are confident, we transfer everything to you for you to manage everything on your own. Typically, it takes 3-6 months. We need a minimum of 3 months between all stages. We see you fly on your own anytime you feel comfortable after that. This is the most critical stage.

The whole purpose of this model is that you get a short term boost in your marketing skills and capabilities through actual case study of your own business enabling you to get more ROI from all future endeavors.